Myofascial Release Techniques

The Term Myofascia is derived from the Greek word Myo meaning Muscle and fascia meaning Band. Fascia is like a three- dimensional body stocking that weaves it way throughout the body surrounding and supporting all muscles and organs body right down to cellular level.

It is fibrous network of collagen and elastin fibres surrounded by fluid called ground substance. This Ground substance works as a shocj absorber. Fascial runs from the top of the head to the toes without interruption and can be simulir to a spiders web. .
Although in its nature state the fascia relaxed and wavy until the body experiences a trauma such as surgery, car accident emotional trauma and inflammation and there it will become hard and dehydrated.

Myofascial Release is a hands on, manual therapy focusing on soft tissue , dyfunction , pain tension and holding patterns.
The Therapist will use a number of different techniques to release the myofascial and some position will require their weigh over their hands while leaning into an area on the client. The release will feel like a melting or superficial layer having more elastin and feels soft and bouncy. It also involves stretching the client legs and arms to allow for more release to the whole body.

Fascia has a memory much like a muscle does. This mean while releasing the fascia there will also be an emotion release of memories that have been stored in the body.