Cupping Massage

Cupping has been a used in healing in many countries for hundreds of years in China and is also popular in Russia which doctors will us this method first before antibiotics and all house hold will get a set of cups as part of their medical kit.
Originally the treatment was used with glass cups. This has now extended to plastic cups used with a suction which is placed on the effect area the idea is to “creating space” between the surface of the body and the deep tissue layer to allow blood, fluid, Qi to flow freely.

Skin Discolouration 

One important aspect of Cupping is the discolouration of skin. This is caused by the external capillaries being brought to the surface and the colour will vary as to the degree of injury in the area. Eg deep purple – indicates a chronic condition, red- indication an acute condition where as white cold or deep emotional condition, and brown stagnation.

Action of cupping
Cupping has the function of
• Warming and promoting free flow of qi and blood in the body allowing blockages to release
• Sedates the nervous system
• After massage cupping continues and supports movement of Qi. Blood and Fluids

The Action of Cupping
Negative pressure is produced by the suction of the cups as the toxins are drawn to the surface and dispersed the immune system is stimulated into action Fullness congestion and stagnate energy of the tissues is resolved as fresh blood and fluid are brought to the site of the cup. And underlying congestion of the ogans are cleaned.

Cupping will help with all aspects of your health including
• The lymphatic system

The cups move the stagnate energy and allow the lymph to move thereby reducing toxins in the body
• In the muscular system 

Cupping will improve muscle fatigue by release the Lactic Acid build up which can be caused by over muscle being over exercise or also repetitive strain injury. The muscle runs out of oxygen and therefore contracts.

Emotional clearing
Qi flows in and through the physical body. Cupping is not purely a physical experience as it encompasses the emotionall and mental energy of the individual. Emotions need to be expressed but hace been suppressed will also be moed by this treatment.